18 cutest little girls short haircut 2018-2019

Little girls are always lookout for some of the best and unique hair style that can make them look adorable. Usually it can be assumed little girl suits in shorter hair but now trend is change long hair is in fashion. But short hair with curly waves are the most stylish or cutest look ever for little girl. In Asia or western tradition both short hair cuts are famous for little girls. But in western tradition there are lots of short styles for little pretty girls they carry in different occasions like Christmas, parties as well as weddings. Short hair style is better than longer hair for little girls, because they can’t carry long hair easily. There are quite a few variations that can be tried according to their taste or face shape.

                     18 cutest little girls short haircut 2018-2019

Bob hair style with bangs:      

Probably the most famous choice is bob style comes to your mind. There are many variations for bob cut casually forward swept bangs.

Side parted bob with streaks:

The side parted bob hairstyle look very cool in little girls. Streaks add a touch for elegance and change the look.

Feathered blond bob:

this feathered bob style is very coolest style in little girls.  feathered look on the hairs on sides and back. it look like asymmetrical style.

Short hair with bangs:

Short hair cut is enough that it falls over the ear and doesn’t extend to the chin. This style is easy to mange any time.

Pixie haircut:

A popular choice in western countries is pixie hair cut with spikes in little girls even though majority in young females. It looks cool or amazing all over.

Funky bob cut:

The beautiful bob style given a funky touch with these funky colors towards a side. The look is just stylish or amazing overall.

Conventional bob:

Another cool variation in hair cut is conventional bob hair cut while the frontal lock and hair to fall over just like a short bob. This is the new cool look.

Short bob haircut:

Short bob hair cut achieved an almost all sorts with short style. This is the perfect example of coolest hairstyle in little beautiful girls. Short bob is one of style that used most probably over the years. This hair style is kept to neck length. Beautiful bangs around the forehead make it look fantastic.

Side hair swept with girlish vibe:

This style allowed to fall over the ears and frontal swept to a side makes looks pretty.

Short pixie:

It resemble as a pixie look shorter on one side and longer on the other sides.

Rough and short bob:

Short bob style is for little angles for curly hair make a cute and amazing look.

Short side swept:

Swept side parted hair can be a cool hairstyle for little girls. This style for slicked tight skin and made to look pretty.

Long wavy bob hairstyle:

A unique hairdo for little girl and a best choice for round shape face.

Stacked bob:

Another cool variation to the bob hairstyle, and this one is different for others style.


Centered parted bob:

This style looks amazing with stylish center part and beautiful clean look.

Chin length bob with bangs:

Combine with beautiful bangs and your girl look cool for any type of occasions.

Pixie bob variation:

One side pixie and while the other bob haircut. This hairstyle is cool and stylish variation as ever.

Layered bob hairstyle:

Layered with texture and style are the best edition ever for look beautiful for young and little girls.