240 Years Old Worlds first Robot

Robots are termed as mechanical machines that perform the task when they are operated and ordered. They act in the same way the human does. In fact they are the creativity of human intelligence or we can say that they are created to perform the tasks of human beings. The basic difference between robots and human beings are that they are reprogrammable while humans are not.

They are made of steel and metal while humans are a combination of skin and meat. Robot can be programmed to do one task or multiple tasks at the same time. Fixed automation is the process of making a robot capable of doing one specific task at a time. Robots work in home, industries, research centers etc. Robots have two forms i.e. fixed and mobile.

Fixed robots are fixed at a specific location and do their task by hand while mobile robots can move anywhere or everyone to perform a given task. Robots have many models, some of them are obsolete, and some are latest while some are in post production.

Let’s talk about the world’s first robot that is 240 years old also termed as world’s first robot. This one is of obsolete model but does a task that is unbelievable and incredible. The world’s first robot is nothing more than a small boy with the curly hair wearing a velvet coat and holding a feather in his hand. It looks like an antique doll and is also called ‘The Writer’.

It was built by a watchmaker Pierre Jaquet Droz in Switzerland. His son Henry Louis and Jean Leschot also helped him the creation of this amazing robot. It is made up of six thousand parts. Each gadget and instrument is refined, well made, well placed and invented to fit into the body of a boy.

The function of ‘The Writer’ is to write words and sentences on a slip and monitor it whether they are written correctly or not. This 240 years old robot has paved the way for the success in the field of robotics – the study of the science of robots and hence called a forefather of the modern robots.

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