A Complete Overview of 1920s Fashion Designs

Fashion in the world is continuously in the process of change. It changes with time and with different horizons. Fashion is all around the trends people like and they are comfortable in. When it comes to fashion the most important consideration is about the looks you have and the clothes you wear. Fashion is particularly used for the clothing and arts. While people uses it mostly in the sense the type of clothes they wear, how they were and yes of course the season they face in their home countries

1920s Fashion Designs may be considered as an era when World War 1 was ended resulting many western countries and America in the new age of fashion and prosperity, Women in 1920 got more exposure in every field of the life whether it is an economical aspect or the social one. It was the time when America started to emerge as a great nation and people started to get more interactive

Fashion in 1920s

A Look of 1920s Fashion Designs

In 1920’s people used to try new and different clothes. Particularly hats were very common in women. They used to wear hats in different shapes in different colors’ and in different designs. Hats were also used as a symbol of happiness. When it comes to the addition in beauty, the women in 1920’s used to cut their hair short to fit in the hats of different designs. Long and short hats were very common and girls used to wear it in different shapes. Having a flower on the hat and different external clothing was also very common. Oxford bags were very common at that period of time. They were a kind of loose fitted bags.

Bob cut was very common in women of 1920’s fashion. There were also straight-line chemise topped by the close-fitting cloche hat became like the uniform of the American and western women. Low-wasted dresses like different kinds of frocks with fullness at the hemline allowed women to wear the shoes having high heels .Women and men of the 1920s also liked to dance very much so the heels in dancing was a factor not to be ignored.  American women embraced the clothes of both designers because they considered as perfect for their life styles.

Backless dresses were also very common in 1920s as it was an attraction of that time. Women used to wear it in weddings, events and social occasions. They were mostly suited with skirts and halter tops. The shoulder blade gets exposed in backless dresses but spaghetti straps were very common in that era.

In Men the wearing of different kind of formal coats with a short length became very common. They making of artificial silk were introduced in 1920s. Men used to wear different kind of small jackets. Men also used to wear hats but they very short as compared to hats wore before 1920s fashion.

Today the fashion of long heels in women has also became very common. It can be related to a phrase that history repeats itself. Women again like to wear small dresses and they have starting to have short hair instead of long and straight hair. The fashion of hats particularly in western countries has also become very common.

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