A Complete Overview of 60’s Fashion Designs

Fashion in 1960's

The 60’s Fashion Designs, To Say That We Can Identify All Of the Diversities Happening In That Era Of Fashion Would Be A False Statement.

The Reason For This Statement Is That It Was the Time When the Youth As Well As People From Every Age Were In the Streak Of Fashion. Miniskirts, Dashikis and Bell Bottoms Are Some Of the Gifts Bestowed Upon Us By the 60’s Fashion Design.

It Was Becoming More Casual By the Increasingly Colorful And Funky African and American Styles.

But To Really Pin Down the 60’s Fashion by Seeing the Enthusiasts of Beatle Band Fashion Fans and Lover of Early 60’s French Fashion. One Would Surely Scoff At the Notions That It Was Clearly the HIPPY Looks That Were Going On….Among the Hairstyles of 60’s Of Teenagers

The Style Which Was Most In Was MOP TOP Among Men, the Style Was To Let Your Hairs Grow Long And then Form An Afro, Whereas the Facial Hairstyle Designs Starting From Having Sideburns, Goatee And Moustaches Evolved Extremely Having Beards.

Women’s Fashion

Among the Women, the Women’s Hair Styles Ranged From Beehive Hairdos In the Early Part Of the Decade To the [highlight]Very Short Styles[/highlight] And Just Five Years Later To A Very Long Straight Style As Popularized By the Hippies In the Late 1960’s. Between these Extremes, the Chin-Length Contour Cut And the Pageboy Were Also Popular

The 1960s Also Gave Birth To the Drainpipe Jeans, Worn By Audrey Hepburn, Which Again Became Popular With Young Men And Women In the 2000’s (Decade).

The Late 1960s Produced A Style Categorized Of People Who Promoted Sexual Liberation And Favored A Type Of Politics Reflecting Peace, Love And Freedom In Form Of Accessories.

Love Beads, Peace Signs, Medallion Necklaces, Chain Belts, Polka Dot-Printed Fabrics, And Long, Puffed “Bubble” Sleeves Were Additional Trends In the Late 1960s.

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