A Complete Overview of 70’s Fashion Designs

The 70’s Fashion Designs, Started Much like the 60’s Fashion with Continuation of Miniskirts, Hippie Looks Etc. and Soon was Characterized with Different Fashion Trends. The Start of This Trend Arose from Shoes Which Were First Scene in 1971 Having Soles of often Two or Four inches Thickness Wore By Men and Women Alike. But soon after the Hippie Clothing were Replaced by Flared and Wide Legged Jeans and Trousers Which Were Another Revolution of the Clothing Fashion of 70’s Decade Which Is Immortalized By An Actor Named John Travolta.

Women Fashion

The Start of the Decade is Started With Ankle Length Skirt Known As MAXIS and Mid-Calf Length Known MIDI Dresses. Also the Crop Top Became Popular in Both Teenage Girls and Women. As For Men they were inspired To Parallel Jeans Stopping At Mid-Calf Along With Thick Sole Boots and Denim Jackets. For Hair they were let to Grow Longish. Also 70’s Fashion Brought Out Three Piece Suits Normally Worn With Wide Collar Shirts Without Ties Making A Well Renowned Dico-Look. In 1974 the Dancer’s Leotard Became An Important and Revealing Feminine Fashion Accessory Which Served As Giving Texture To Body. It Also Became Popular in the Celebrities of 70’s Like Joni, Cher and Rod Stewart. Another Trend in Fashion of 70’s was Punk. This Style was introduced By Vivienne and Malcolm. This Fashion included Torn T-Shirts, Ripped Jeans, Scrappy Haircuts and Torn Leather Jackets and Pointy Boots. As For Accessories Safety Pins Were Used As Nose and Ear Jewelleries. Another Style Which Prevailed was Glam Rock Style, Men often Wore Silver Astronaut Styled Outfits, Quilted Jacket, Wide Legged Denim Trousers and Rhinestone Studded Shirts. Hairs Were Spiky Or Long.

Men Ties Became More Colorful and Broadened As Did Dress Shirt Collars.

Hair Styles of 70’s Were Much Diverse; the Start was With Wavy Gypsy Cut and Flicked Style Referred As Wings. However For Expressive Style in Check Were Afro, Shaggy Hairdo and Farah Fawcett. In Blacks Afro was Quite Popular. As For Men in Early of the, Decade the Sideburns Were Quite Popular Whereas Later On Surfer Hair Look was Quite Fashionable in Both Teenage Boys and Young Men. Elvis Presley and Buzz Out Hair Style Were Also Adopted By Actors Like Steve Mcqueen in 70’s Fashion Designs.

As For Accessories there was Not Much However there Rose A Trend of Larger Eyeglasses. Old Glasses Fashion Like Browline and Horn Rimmed Glasses Were Out Dated by Aviator Sunglasses.

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