Beauty VS Brain


“Appearances are deceptive”, is one of the most common but least practiced proverbs.

And why not? beauty is the younger sister of madness which drives a sane go crazy. It was beauty which compelled Shakespeare to say that “Beauty provokes thieves sooner than gold.”, it was beauty which made Hitler to fall for his mistress – the one who didn’t even bath for weeks, it was beauty which has made people to run secretly the censored areas for ages – you know what I mean.

The beauty explosion of the 21st century has stunned every brain and melted every heart. To my intellectual observation, the glamor and fashion has thrown man into a never solving maze of super-facial looks. While watching the news, we concentrate on the female news caster more than what she is saying, dripping water from the mouth like a toddler. And who remembers what happened in the whole movie, but the moves of Sheela, curves of Katrina and oh lets not forget that sexy dance by Munni. As a matter of fact, I also used to get amazed and entertained by all this, until I watched how they look like in reality. And now I can claim that the maid working in my friend’s home is prettier.

A report tells that most of the road accidents have been caused by the tempting models posing on the sign boards and alluring chicks walking on the roadside. The officials then claim the devastation to occur due to UNKNOWN REASONS.

Nowadays, wherever, I repeat, wherever I go, I see rotten tomatoes wrapped in tons of fairness creams. At the first sight, you get buzzed; and forget all the tensions of the day, burdens of the work and restlessness of the life; she seems like Cinderella or Princess Jasmine or Lady Diana or Queen Elizabeth or any fascinating lady you saw in your dreams, until and unless you see her closely. And then, you get more shocked than if your car got stolen. You want to puke but you can’t, they young, polished lady now seems like a monster.

Thanks to the fashion shows and magazines, now ladies first prefer to think about the cuts in her new dress than cook something to eat. The poor husbands have to work day and night for food and shelter? No, for facials, face-washes, scrubs and posh garments.

The more terrible situation occurs at the weddings and festivals. The skin-tight shirts and transparent dupattas serve the purpose as well, when you see her, bells ring in your head, the brain resists, but you ask him to Shut up! and she cast spell on you. But all of a sudden she comes closer and talks to her sister in her unbearable, weird and ‘Paindu’ tone. When you hear this, your delusions start breaking and you hear the sounds of falling stones, but you still hope, hope that she is cute and worth-compromising. But when unconsciously sweat runs down her smooth whitish and reddish face, the truth reveals, all the make up she was wearing vanishes; and a dull-complexioned, roughly pimpled, untidy creature smiling at you . You cry in pain “Why God! Why!?”, but you can’t help.

At-last, this is what our wisdom shouts:

“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.” – Markus Zusak

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