Charmeuse Silk Dresses for Girls by Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa

is one of the most famous designers of Pakistan and Launched Premium Charmeuse Silk Dresses for Girls. He is the most passionate fashion designer. Their collection is so much unique and stylish. Its collection expresses the historical buildings and similar things. In their silk collection they used Dolorful Dupatas and Skin Tight Trousers. In their collection they used red, blue, green, yellow color. Their collection receives marvelous appreciations. Eman Ali is their collection model.

About Charmeuse Silk Dresses for Girls :

Blue color silk looks awesome, a blue silk maxi with different color combination printed boarders and dupata. This blue maxi is embroidered with multicolor and printed with historical building and antique style. Gray color suit with black net work on it gives a smart look .Embroidered on the front as well on the borders .This shirt having a fish print on its back and yellow skin tight trouser gives a charming look. Its Dupata is of multicolor like a rainbow. Orange, blue and green combination looks good. Orange color suit with banarse green front and banarse blue trouser is the best for the party wear .Dupata is of different colors red, green, blue, orange yellow .Rounded golden button is a different style on the front. Of white printed silk sleeveless shirt with pink color banarse patch on the front. On the boarder of banarse brown color embroidered gives a decent look to it. Blue color lined trouser with embroidered boarders.Blue, green, red color used in the Dupata with different shapes on it. On the banarse patch golden rounded button give a charming look. Sky blue and the purple color is the most famous and beautiful combination from the last few years. Asim Jofa use this combination in a very nice way in their silk collection. Sky blue and purple combination is used in double shirt with the embroidered boarders.

The upper goon style in sky blue color is fully embroidered and the second shirt is of purple color. This fully Embroidered Suit is fit for the party or any events. Dupata is of multi colors dark colors are used in different shapes. Blue and orange printed silk shirt with one sleeve shirt .One sleeve are of long bell bottom style. Print is of off white and golden color with the orange embroidered boarders, the embroidered patch on the back on one side of the shoulder. Golden Brown Color Suit with the map and dragon printed on them .Sleeveless shirt with the embroidered strip in rounded form in the front. Long shirt is with brown skin tight trouser. Dupata is of different multicolor. Golden skin and dark brown combination looks decent .These three colors are in layers form .The front is made of embroidered strip in brown color. Dupata is fully printed in antique style.Orange, blue and golden printed double sleeveless shirt. Upper shirt is of banarse touch. A bluish fish printed back shirt with the golden sleeves gives a smart look. Radish Orange Printed back and orange front black sleeves with a printed colorful Dupata. Their silk collection is for casual wear and different eve wear.

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