Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Design For Brown Eyes 2019


If you have a brown eye and you’re looking for how to do smoky eyes for brown eyes then this is a tutorial for you. Stay tuned and read the article carefully hope this article will help you regarding smoky makeup for brown eyes. I figure we would all be able to concur that the smoky eye is one of those great looks that can never guide you off-base. This smeared shadow look dependably changes how to take you from easy to outstanding look. Infect smoky eye is full of excellence because it’s excessively adaptable and can be redone to compliment eye shading.

How to do smoky eyes for brown eyes:

Now I’m going to write a tutorial for a beginner if she has light brown eyes and wants to get smoky eyes for her. read this article and don’t miss a step, you should move steps by steps which are given below.

Step 1:

your first step is, you need to apply a light shading on the inward corners and temples bone that will go about as a featuring operator for your smokey eye. The light ivory shading I utilized is extraordinary for keeping the eyes opened up, so they don’t look excessively little with the high convergence of dim hues that will come later. This will likewise enable your eyes to pop like shown in below image step 1.

step 2:

your second step is, To open up the eye much more, you at that point need to use a delicate darker shade and apply it to your wrinkle. You’ll take this shade all through the wrinkle, Try not to give the shading a chance to achieve the temples bone; expect to have it reach out until where the ivory begins under the forehead bone as shown in below image step 2. When you do this, you’ll see your eyes look greater and excellent.

step 3:

Your 3rd step is taking a darker brown shade and focus the shading on the external corners of your eye. You’ll need to mix this into the previous warm transitional shading to make it look consistent. You can take the brush you utilized for your wrinkle shading and spot it into the corner to mix the hues together, or just utilize a finger to make the hues work. I additionally prefer to take this shading and brush it cautiously on my base lash line. This opens up the eye somewhat more and includes some definition.

step 4:

Your 4th step is you need to take a dim dark colored liner to the inward edge of your eyes. You can use dark liner to get this. Remember that it can make little eyes seem little.

Step 5:

your last step is, it’s tied in with making those eyelashes strong and twisted! I utilize a few layers of mascara to guarantee the majority of my lashes are secured with shading and stand to appropriate out as shown in the below image step 5.

Smokey Eye Makeup Design For Brown Eyes

One incredible thing about smoky eyes is that any shade of eyeshadow can coordinate them. Brown eyes are not restricted to specific shading palette among individuals you can see for other shadows. If someone has blue eyes then these type of eyes are restricted to specific shadows. While the smoky look is famous among individuals with all eye hues, it’s least demanding to pull off without looking exaggerated when matched with smoky eyes. If you’re a beginner and looking for smoky eye makeup design for brown eyes for a beginner.  Today, we will demonstrate to you a marvelous smoky explicitly for all you dark colored looked at young ladies out there.

Dark Brown Smoky eyes

This dim darker smoky eye impact made on basic cosmetics strikes a wonderful parity in the face. While utilizing a darker shade of darker on the eyes. You can see this is looking very good.

Matte Brown Eyes Makeup:

Matte is going to be famous nowadays .when we talk about eye makeup then matte is standing first so how can we ignore this.this matte brown eyes are looking decent, you can also gain good look if you do this eye makeup.

Soft Brown Eye Makeup:

This is another example of smoky makeup for brown eyes as you can see this eye makeup is looking perfect to face and also perfect for brown eyes.you can also see the bottom wings which are increasing the beauty.

Simple Brown Smokey Eye Makeup:

This is very simple brown smoky makeup for brown eyes. and as you know we can create the best finish if we combine brown with a tinted gold. when we come to brown smoky eye makeup then we also look for best lips color and we say that dark lips will look good.

Dark brown smoky eyes for a Wedding ceremony

you can this eye makeup is a combination of gold and brown which is best suitable for a wedding ceremony. if you choose this design then you will get more attention like a bride.

you can see easier smoky eyes makeup design for brown eyes from the following video.