Girls Fashion Accessories Collection by Zara Fashion Brand

About Zara Fashion Brand

Zara started its business by opening first store in1975 in Spain .Their first store features upon which it got popularity is low priced and up to date fashion design. After the success of first outlet, they open it throughout the Spain .now it served all over the world. Zara is known by Zara Diseno .S.L and Zara Logistics .S.A .Zara started at national level and now become internationally popular

Zara is a fashion imitator. It focused on their customer choice, wants, needs and preferences. Zara is customer oriented, they influence their customer by new season trends and fashion shows in a new way. To focus on their customer preferences Zara relies on informational technology such as PDAS with wireless transmission capabilities operated by manager of all retailers outlets. Fifty percent of the Zara products sells in Spain. Zara outlets stores are control by company itself but local registration forbids foreigners owned business, Zara franchise many stores by giving license.

Zara as a being the famous brand it had launched a wide variety of accessories which includes scarves, bracelets, necklaces, rings, belts ,hats, hair bands, duchess, umbrellas phone cover with a wide range. It is made of leather, bread metallic work, metals and beads, umbrellas of different color sand of different stuff. Zara has a vast range of basic designs that are repeated from years but some fashion design can stay on their draws less than four weeks that makes their fans to visit Zara frequently. It is one of the first online boutique for best selling.

About Girls Fashion Accessories

Reliable brand also offer bracelets that are handmade, chained beaded and metallic based necklace are beaded with floral and pearl pattern double and triple combination necklace ring with stone or crystal work. Maxi pearl chain necklace having white pear with golden chain suited on black maxi. Chain necklace with feathers gives a unique look of antique style having grey feathers with small beats of multicolor such as yellow, red, and blue. Black stone necklace with black stones on left and right side of crystal shaped necklace. Metal oriental dragon pendants, having double chain work with two dragon shaded pictures in them. Crystal earrings in green and silver combination are also available on Zara’s Online Store.

Belts are of leather, metallic work metallic ringed and chained hats are woven hairs band are of turban style and in the beaded style stretched hair band and shopping, traveling bags are in their collection with stunning colors and styles. Accessories are of different colors and style. Some Pictures of Zara’s Girls Fashion Accessories can be Seen Here

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