Girls long hairstyles trending 2018-2019

In girls long hair is a sign of prettiness. In Asia most traditional look is long hair with different type of styles. But in west short hair is most stylish or trendy look. In western countries long hair is not include in modern tradition because long hairstyles are time taken. Mostly Asian ladies or young girls want to carry long hairstyles in different occasions like Eid, marriage ceremony or parties. In different pretty hair styles you receive self esteem boosting compliment  you look pretty! Long hair you can carry different styles like French knot, pony tail, water fall bun or tail bun. You can curl your hair or straight as well. Make sure your hair straight or hair curl items are belong to the best companies. Long hair styles or management are too much expensive because you prefer best brand for those items like hair lotions, hair oil or shampoo.

                          Girls long hairstyles trending 2018-2019

Framing layer cut:

Framing layers will create good frame around the face. this hair style is usually for straight hair.

high pony tail:

straight hair with pony tail usually suits for tall girls. this style create a  sharp or trendy look for parties.

Flip layers:

Layers and flips and cures with outstanding look for long hair. Flip style usually use in short hair style and medium curls.

Straight tress:

The straight tress is formal look usually girls carry daily routine in university and office. Mostly working ladies or universities girls carry straight hair with simple makeup.

Long wavy style:

Longer wavy style with bold hair color is ideal for girls. Some outstanding curls look pretty as well.

Messy braid :

braid style always had a young or coolest look for young girls. Girls get inspired and enjoy your gorgeous length with braid.

Boho braid:

In boho braid does not required to much time or effort its look difficult but actually so simple or trendy long hair styles in young or little girls.

There are different top hair styles for long hair you can carry easily without tears. Simple twist your hair on back side for simple or trendy look. Brush out all the knots and tangles from your hair. Every bun style takes 10 minutes. Mostly working ladies carry this style. A messy bun is the most trendy or famous in young girls or ladies. Bun Hair style items is hair brush, booby pins, U pins, hairspray. If your hair is longer but thin so backcomb the hair at the crown of your head to give it some volume or texture. You just try top section of hair into a ponytail. Twist hair in front side and braid it till the end and secure it with elastic band. You can use booby pins for twisting sections. Long hair even more experiment with colors, shape and texture. Girls with long hair are very popular in fissionable sessions earlier.

Long hairstyle still trendy if you carry right way of cutting and color about your face cut. If you have long hair and a great volume so choose best option for yourself and pretend most stylish or classy. In lengthy hair all about texture, layers, v-cuts, waves, shags, vintage braids, ponytail, fashion and colors. Different hair cuts for different face shape or cut even though different hair colors. Different types of hair thick, thin, curly or straight hair with extensions for every face shape.