Hot Canadian Catwalk in World Master Card Fashion Week

Lights, Camera, Catwalk! Fashion is on its peaks nowadays. Globalization has caused the amalgamation of cultures for the invention of new and fascinating designs, colors and life styles. Canadian fashion is considered to be one of the richest fashion industries in the world.

From Designers Brian Bailey to Arefeh Mansouri, to Liz Vandal of Montreal, to Supermodels Linda Evangelista and Daria Werbowy, to producer Maria Cardines and Lilac Cana, Canadian Fashion is full of experienced and heart-spelling artists.

World Master Card Fashion Week is one of the milestones of this Fashion Industry. With National and International special media attention and investors from all over the world, the World Master Card Fashion Week earns its place as the biggest and the most famous fashion week of the whole Canada. Specially representing the traditionally rich Canadian culture along with the North American cultures, this fashion week is held twice in Toronto, being sponsored by big multi-national companies like LG, Master Card and L’Oreal. Like every year, this spring, World Master Card Fashion Week was on its climax with almost a hundred fashion designers and hundreds of models walking on the ramp. Izzy Camilleri, Christopher Bates and DUY were the notable designers whose hard work and artistic talents buzzed everyone.

Clothes shown were mostly relating to the Canadian lifestyle and traditional dresses. Having mostly moderate and cold weather, common and fashionable Canadian clothing contains tops, skirts, aprons, caps, chemises, petticoats, gowns, trimmed shirts and periwigs. Models in this event reflected crystal clearly, the clothing-tastes of Canadian people.

Female models wore tops with colorful and flowery laces covering whole of the body and winding like the waves of Pacific ocean, the transparent netted plane shirts on smooth and sleek bodies could make people’s’ jaws open, the most colorful and symbolic dresses having prints of faces, nature and mysteries symbolized peace, affection and elegance, woolen muffler, leather jackets and furry cheetah dresses were all breath-taking. Male models wore Sweaters with glowing pants. A model showed up the mixture of formal and casual wearing by his neck tie, Jacket and Knicker, others walked up with casual shirts and rocking funky-styled coats. The beauty of Canadian culture is that it gives an equal opportunity to all the classes of its inhabitants to show up  and get fame. The garments in this exhibition were mostly printed, embedded, laced and rarely were hand-weaved too.

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Colors of the Dresses were Eye-Catching and Mind-Blowing. The charming choice of color scheme is one of the major part in a model’s dressing. Canadians mostly like light colors like white, grey, and blue. Most of the models in this fashion week followed this trend to meet the desire of Canadian people. Deep smokey eyes, glossy lips and long petite bodies with all these colors locked the eyes of audience. Moreover, the messy mixture of colors forming a mesh were also appreciated a lot. Male models wore dark colors like black, dark blue and red which represented grace and maturity. Prints of different shapes and magical colors also attracted the onlookers.

The event was hailed a lot, throughout the country and internationally. In the interviews after the closing, people wished the fashion week could occur thrice a year. Big newspapers of the world and electronic media covered each and every moment. The fashion models became popular throughout North America and with this, this fashion week 2013 was declared successful

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