Hot Dresses Collection for Girls in DC Fashion Week by Shafaq Saeed

Shafaq Saeed Collection

Shafaq is a U.S based label of women’s high end evening and cocktail wear. In 2008, following a lifelong passion for fashion designing and a way to channel her creative energy, Pakistani-American designer Shafaq Saeed created Hot Dresses Collection for Girls with a line that embodies her vision of style while exquisitely showcasing her traditional Eastern influences. All pieces are created from luxurious fabrics such as pure silks and adorned with hand-made details such as embellishments and embroidery to give them a one of a kind look and feel. Over the recent years, many famous designers from all over the world have put forward their collections which personifies the fusion of two main cultures of the world; the eastern and western cultures. Many designers have been extremely successful in this respect since this idea is highly appreciated and liked on the international scale. Shafaq Saeed is very famous for her work that blends the trends and traditions. Shafaq has been successful in her fashion career and her work has received a huge response in many events of international repute, like the Washington DC Fashion Week.

“Fashion for me is exhibiting confidence through clothes. I try to portray an elegant, modern, vibrant woman, who is not afraid to stand-out and be praised for her timeless style.” – Shafaq

Shafaq’s Hot Dresses Collection for Girls collections takes the boldness from the lively American culture. On the other hand, it carries a delightful essence of the traditional south Asian fashion. She has used most excellent and best quality materials to come up with the finest collection in order to compete with other international brands. The secret of her success lies in the perfection of her pieces. She does not compromise on the quality of her collection. Most of her work consists of plain silk dresses which have been beautified with the sparkling beads and mirrors. Her color palette contains both vibrant and sober colors so as to meet the fashion requirements of women belonging to various communities of the world with different fashion sense and taste. On one hand, the bold and lively colors make a women the center of attention in any event while on the other hand, the light and decent colors enhance the feminine beauty of a women while giving her an overall appearance that personifies elegance and simplicity.

Hot Dresses Collection for Girls in DC Fashion Week by Shafaq Saeed

The designer has put in a lot of effort to produce beautiful printed pieces. Her prints are very much different from the typical prints and that is why they add charm to her Hot Dress Collection. Shafaq has shown colorful embroidery in her dresses that grasp the attention of the viewers. Her collection is a dream come true of any woman who is fearless and very much confident about her very own style statement.

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