Hot Dresses for Girls in DC Fashion Week by Olga Denogga

About DeNoGGa & Olga De Nogga

Olga De Nogga

The brand DeNoGGa was created in 2005 by the Ukrainian designer Olga De Nogga. She was graduated from Lvov National Art Academy, design faculty, chair of a costume modelling. She tried hard to improve her professional skills and achieved fashion industry awards, such as international and Ukrainian exhibitions, competitions and fashion festivals. She has won several local and international competitions such as Annual Ukrainian voting “Success Favorite” in a nomination “clothes designer” ; competition for a best sketch, Burda Magazine,2004; Fashion competition “Autograph”, Kiev, 2007; “The best sketch” competition, “Kiev Podium”, Kiev,2007; “Beauty and fashion” festival, Kiev, 2008 and so on. DeNoGGa brands’ admirers are always extraordinary persons, who knows the own worth, absolutely self-trusting, and do not afraid to pay attention on themselves. De NoGGa brand contains clothes design, interior design and art illustration and Now Showcased Hot Dresses for Girls in DC Fashion Week.

D.C Fashion Week’s 15th season was held at the French Embassy with the International Couture show. The finale showcased 10 designers from various countries and featured more than 100 models. Olga Denogga was also invited to the D.C fashion week to showcase her latest fashion collection. The designer displayed some of the very beautiful dresses with really unique designs which were appreciated by the global audience as well as the fashion critics from all around the world. Her color palette consisted mainly of bright and bold colours such as red, blue and yellow. The designs were breath taken and moved everyone as the models walked down the runway. Olga used striking colour combinations and design techniques to make her dresses wonderful and appealing.  The dresses she gave in her collection are mostly party wear and casual wear. These dresses have taken the boldness from the Western and American advanced culture and aim to bring out and enhance the feminine beauty of the women of modern society. She has used some very attractive colour combinations in her dresses that grasp the attention of the viewers in any event. Olga provided funky trousers, shirts and dresses in her collection that looked extremely beautiful and eye catching. The plain dresses look simple yet elegant.

Olga’s printed collection of Hot Dresses for Girls was also very much appealing. The combination of printed trousers and plain shirts looked very stylish. Olga has used floral prints in her dresses and she also gave some very beautiful landscape views in her printed collection. She has also used patches of clothes in her dresses to come up with an attractive dress. Olga has not remained limited to the bright colours, she has also used sober colours such a brown, beige and off white to produce mesmerizing pieces. The fact is, Olga has employed very fascinating design techniques and her hard work played a vital role in her success in the D.C fashion week. The clothes were liked by women with different tastes of fashion as well as the fashion experts.

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