Hot Maxi Dresses for Girls by Macario Jimenez in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico

About Macario Jimenez


Since its founding in 1994, Macario Jimenez has distinguished itself as a company with its own personality luxury always considering that fashion is constant change. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Macario’s passion for fashion started at a very young age. This led him to study at the prestigious design school Marangoni in Milan, Italy. While in that country, collaborated with renowned designer Gianni Lo Giudice, focused on the Japanese market, enabling Macario dominate the fascinating peculiarities of Italian design and high fashion. Macario Jimenez is synonymous with fluidity, elegance, sensuality and sophistication. Each of this adjectives are delicately reflected in their designs. Inspired by a woman who essentially looking for an experience, feel sophisticatedly sexy, edge and never out of place. Renowned for its sleek design and feminine silhouettes, Macario style can be summed up in one word: air. Use a piece of Macario is an experience that distinguishes the individuality and highlights the best of each person through a unique creation,refined, sensual and elegant. In other words: one dress with soul.

This renowned designer, who has dressed the likes of former First lady Margarrita Zavala and First lady Angelica Rivera, has more than a quarter century of experience in national fashion, which has led him to be released on platforms fashion in countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and Puerto Rico, as well as Fashion Week of America’s in Miami, Fashion Week in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and in Latin Fashion Week in Bogota, Colombia.

Hot Maxi Dresses for Girls in Mexico Fashion Week :

Macario’s Hot Maxi Dresses for Girls  collection is one of its kind. The designer has employed his skills in a very convincing manner to come up with the dresses that can brilliantly enhance the beauty of a woman. This designer has efficiently used bright colors in his collection to come up with the dresses that can make a woman the center of attention in any occasion. It is noticeable how Macario uses bright shade of vibrant colors like red and blue in his collection to produce beautiful and breathtaking designs.

Macario wants to keep his Hot Maxi Dresses for Girls Collection very unique yet elegant. This designer has used net cloth in the dresses to produce mesmerizing and refreshing designs. Macario has played with bright colors and colored net cloth and this idea is highly appreciated by fashion experts. Likewise, the modern fashionable women have also shown much liking for this design. His decent collection also contains dresses that can bring out the feminine beauty of any woman. Macario has effectively used sober colors such as navy blue, dark blue, white and gold to come up with a very unique collection. These dresses can make a woman dominant in any formal occasion. On the other hand, the designer has used bright colors to produce wonderful designs.

Macario Jimenez understands the fashion needs of the women of modern age. Therefore, he has worked very hard to fulfill their expectations and demands. That is the reason why he has been extremely successful in his fashion career and he has received global appreciation. Hot Maxi Dresses for Girls in Mexico Fashion Week is a Proof of His Success.

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