Indian Sari Dress for Girls in America by Pure Elegance

About Pure Elegance

The fashion label “Pure Elegance” is owned by the Indian American designer Parna Ghose. Parna got the basic knowledge of fashion by working with experienced designers from a very young age. This native of India has taken up the challenge of blending the trend and tradition effectively to make the Indian fashion relevant among the international audience. It was the first time ever in Dubai Fashion Week,2011 that a designer from outside of India was invited to display the traditional Indian clothing like sarees, bridal wear, Shalwar and Kurtis. The brand is the first of its kind in the USA that blends the Indian fashion and accessories with Western clothing and jewellery, so it has a lot to offer to the global buyers.

“The hallmark of our design is in its flawless craftsmanship and attention to detail. We focus on bringing out the individuality and exuberance through our unique, unforgettable pieces” – Parna Ghose

The brand has became highly popular among the local and international public because of the fusion of east and west it provides. Pure elegance is one of the fastest growing south Asian fashion brand and it has been successful in many global fashion  weeks, like the Washington DC Fashion Week.

The designer has kept the Indian traditional influence dominant in her clothing. She uses sharp and lively colors in order to keep her creations very close to the typical south Asian culture. In the history of Indian clothing, sari is traced back to the Indus valley civilization. It is mostly worn by traditional Indian women and is equally popular in Bollywood film industry.

Thoughts about Hot Indian Sari Dress for Girls in America

The designer has played with all kinds of colors in her collection to make Indian Sari Dress for Girls from simple white, brown and grey to the sharp red, orange, blue and gold Color. Also, she has used the traditional embroidery on the clothes; Embroidery work is extremely popular in south Asian region in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The use of velvet in clothes can also be seen and this idea is currently very frequently used and liked in dresses. She has also provided wonderful pieces using multi shaded dyed clothes, another frequently used technique in Indian fashion. Her printed pieces are also available in the outlets and are extremely popular among the buyers.

Parna has worked brilliantly with the colors to make her collection distinct from the collection of other fashion labels. Her color palette largely contains sharp and vibrant colors that provide the picture of the lively and energetic Indian culture. On the other hand, she has also shown a lot of creativity with contrast combinations to come up with the most splendid sari collection.

Parna’s Hot Indian Sari Dress for Girls is a treat for the wedding seasons and other formal occasions. She has performed a fascinating job of combining trend and tradition to give the most delightful sari collection.

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