Latest Party Wear Collection 2017 By Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is one of the biggest names in the Fashion industry of Pakistan. He gets the attention of peoples with its collections in a very short period of time. This Year Asim Jofa amazes us with his Dazzling Party Wear Collection 2017. This Collection has the digitally printed shirts with the Embroidered trouser Which are Elegantly Breathtaking and trendy. Asim Jofa gives its best of the best to us in almost all of his collections. He is one of the people who take the Huge effort to make a Masterpiece by his own hands through his Outstanding Skills.

Party Wear for Girls and Women’s









We can see the unique Embroidered shirts with the silk stylish trousers gives the Excellent look. The fully Embroidered party wear dresses has the magnificent combination of dark colors with elaborate patterns it is perfect for any fancy occasions. You can wear these dresses on every occasion like wedding ceremony and on Eid also. Asim Jofa’s Beautiful color prints attract the lady towards. This Party Wear has the Unique Designs of prints so that they can Delight the Ladies.









Look Good Feel Good in this cool sea green and Yellow waves print Shirts. The Floral digital prints with the soft Geometric patterns and vibrant Embroidery on the neckline and hem gives you a new statement for your style. On the other hand, the Waves print reminds you the morning sun rays and the best thing is the vintage architectural embroidery on the hem make it perfect for any summer party wear. it has the sleek pants and digitally printed chiffon dupatta which can easily get the attention of people in any party gathering.