Maisha Creations by Mehwish Afzal in Dubai Fashion Week

Mehwish Afzal Khan is a popular name in Pakistan’s fashion industry and has recently earned quite a name and fame due to various designs in clothes. Maisha Creations by Mehwish Afzal Khan are a perfect example of how a modern and traditional design can be intermixed and can be displayed with decency. Maisha creations are full of various designs of Jalabiyas of different colors which according to public opinions are mind blowing. Jalabiyas are cut in such a way so that they emphasize and enhance the female beauty. Mehwish Afzal mostly targets the youth for her designs. Her designs are well famous among youth and youth is quite a fond of her. Girls usually wait for every new design of her and the creations and designs by Mehwish Afzal Khan are on their top priority list. Most of dress designers limit themselves only to the dresses, but Mehwish Afzal has made herself to every piece of art. She has created designs which have diversity of art and are easily acceptable among the women from teenage to a considerable aged women.

Maisha Creations by Mehwish Afzal in Dubai Fashion Week (30)

Ending of Maisha Creations by Mehwish Afzal in Dubai Fashion Week

The designs and creations by Mehwish Afzal Khan can not only be wore as casual clothes but also in parties and various other gatherings. Her designs have a beautiful touch of traditional and cultural clothing which is perfectly embedded in the modern style of clothing. Maisha creations by Mehwish Afzal Khan are also one of the type in which the true Pakistani culture mixed with the modern style which is in the market nowadays is depicted. The color scheme and the blend of color in these clothes are fit to the perfection and people’s heart start beating to buy these clothes as soon as the clothes are displayed. The hard work, perfection, creativity, imagination and artistry can be seen in these clothes.

Maisha by Mehwish Afzal Khan has a collage of bold patterns and contemporary cuts hence with stunning usage of drapery. Each dress is designed with keeping decency and elegance in the mind. Woman is bought to its best by these designs. The use of soft, cool and heart touching colors makes these clothes perfect for any season and thus they are more desirable and are demanded at high rate by the community.  Each piece is full of life and depicts the Middle-East culture. Each piece is full of decorative needle work and various types of cuts in which is a tradition of Middle-East.

As we know that Mehwish Afzal khan is one of the top fashion designers in Pakistan and is known throughout the world and she proves herself with her unique work and creativity and is increasing her fame throughout the world. Surely she is talented as is shown by her designs.  Mehwish Afzal Khan makes those designs which are being popular among the youth. These Maisha creations were one of the master pieces of her work which were unanimously liked by the public who attended the show in which these master pieces were displayed.

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