Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia at Carriageworks – Street Cred

What is Fashion?

Embracing style, trend, and comfort is nothing but the definition of fashion. Fashion in today’s world is compared to air in our planet. It’s the most recent developments of our modern society. Fashion is an excepted manner of dressing, living, clothing entertaining, traveling or more likely the way of living adopted by a group of people at a particular time. Fashion has been changing so fast that it is difficult even to recognize what the current fashion style is. There is undisputedly a wide choice of colors & designs in costumes.

According to researches, your clothes depict your life style, your thinking, your behavior, your community, your living standards and your culture. Designers sponsored by Mercedes Benz in this Street Cred collection have created designs which have diversity of art in all the fore-mentioned divisions.  From color-splashed shirts to beads-embedded shoes, from Cinderella-white suite mixed with casual jacket to rocking mufflers, from formal Romeo-type shirts to sleek & silky legs wearing golden stilettos, from furry black long shirts mixed with casual skirts to classy & sexy mini-skirts, From golden metal led winter-caps on a Chinese girl to an adorable girl in red shirt with cowboy hat, all you see is the beauty of diversity of art which designers has styled in this fashion week which occurred in Australia. This show clearly represents every age, standard, type, and choices of people.

The designers who depicted their designs in this very show not only designed the dresses but designed hairstyles. These looks make them unique and worth-watching. Chinese, Australian, Asian, American almost all the cultures and their modern outlook was shown as it is shown by the name in the show which could be adopted by modern teenagers. It’s always great to wear something you feel good in, it’s even better to wear something you feel good in and turn heads when out in public. The show was simply designed and styled accordingly. All the designs were perfect to the extent to which they can be easily adopted by the modern families. From the skinny jeans to the miniskirts all the designs were up to the emerging fashion which is in the market these days. The youth accepted it and appreciated it greatly.

Staying on top of the latest fashion news and style trends and keeping up to date with the changing style is almost a need of today’s society. To wear according to the modern fashion is also a need these days. The items designed therefore must be very much according to the modern trend which is in the market in that very much period of time. The designs designed by the designers in this show fulfilled all of the above requirements as they depicted the modern western culture, the color requirement was well met, the combination of various cuts and styles turned out to be a new design to which youth is quite a fond. In a nutshell the show was meant to fulfill the need of youth who dress themselves according to new lifestyle and the show fulfilled their requirement completely and turned out to be a great success.

Now Take a Look of Some of All Designs of Fashion Week and If You want to Wiew More than Please Go to The Nest Page of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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