New and Exclusive Jeans Designs by American Eagle Outfitters

Jeans are a type of trousers. Many of them are made from denim. The term “jeans” refers to a specific style of trousers which is known as blue jeans. This was basically invented by Jacob Davis and Strauss. Its history shows that it came into vision in 1873. In 1950s jeans started to design specifically for cowboys. Then it also became popular among teenagers. Especially in many of the subcultures it gained more importance. There are many brands of Jeans Designs but one of them is American Eagle Outfitters. Jeans come in number of varieties. It may include skinny, slim, straight, boot cut, Narrow bottom with Low waist and anti-fit and flare.

Also See Different Types of Jeans Designs
Skinny JeansLow Rise JeansMedium Rise JeansHigh Rise Jeans

In past jeans was simply a type of simple trousers which were worn by factory workers only. Men’s jeans had a zipper on right side up while a women jean has a zipper left side up. By the time of 1960s, The jeans of men and women j had the zipper down to the front.

Jeans nowadays is very popular article of casual dress in almost every age group around the world. They are made in many styles and colors; how by different brands and makers. But the ever, “blue jeans” is particularly related with American culture, It is also known as the American Old West.

Jeans are a very important part of every man’s clothing. It is a known fact the seven pairs of jeans is owned almost every American men. Because men’s jeans are such an attraction in clothing, It is very difficult to find the style that looks fit for you. Having so many options and looking for the jeans that fit your style. The size of your body and the price range that can be affordable. American eagle is a company which makes jeans in following variety.

  1. Skinny Jeans: They are jeans almost liked by every man in this world because they get fit in the hips of a man. It is made in such a way that an average small body can even look very broader and larger due to its fitting The skinny jeans is having a special type of cut which makes a thin body a bit more flatter. You can try the skinny jeans with a combination of vintage look a type of sneakers which will suit your personality.
  2. Low-Rise: it is a type of jeans having small space between crotch and waist. This rise of this type of jeans normally fits a few inches below the belly button. To make sure to wear a shirt of proper length and also to avoid eyes on your midsection. If you have a soft stomach then it would not be fit for you as it tries to fit around your belly area.
  3. Medium-Rise If a person is not fit or comfortable in low rise look and he is afraid of the strength of the jeans then to maintain a same look, you can think about medium-rise jeans. The space between waist and crotch on medium-rise jeans is never as small as in the low rise jeans. It also don’t extend to
  4. High-Rise – A man having extra pounds with him can try this type of jeans. The rise in these jeans is much to conceal the overweight feature of a man that can be exposed in low- and medium-rise jeans.

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