New Jeans Collection for Girls by Wet Seal

About Wet Seal Company

Wet Seal is providing New Jeans Collection for Girls specially for teenage girls. They have started their company in 1962. In 1998 wet seal has establish new brand named “Arden B” which is a new concept in their range. The stores of Arden B are providing the feminine, contemporary collections of fashion separates and accessories. Blink stores are providing the Denim products for same teenage girls as wet seal. They are also having the web stores on which they are providing every product of Wet seal and Arden B brand. In 2010 the company has operated the 504 retail stores in 47 states which include 424 Wet seal stores and 80 Arden B stores. And now in 2013 they are totally operating 526 stores in 47 different states which include 464 Wet seal stores and 62 Arden B stores. The company has well established network of distribution in all over the world. From web store they are providing free shipping on all orders that are above $50. They are dealing with their customers in 40 different currencies for shipping the products which are purchased from their web store. They are ensuring to deliver the product in 5-7 business days. They are customer focused and ensure the return of the product within 21 days in case of any inconvenience.

About Wet Seal New Jeans Collection for Girls

In the range of Wet seal jeans they are offering the jeans for teenage girls with different designs and colors. They are providing skinny jeans which create beautiful look for girls. Skinny jeans are now very popular in teenage girls and they are focusing this trend and providing new and innovative styles of skinny jeans. VERTICAL STRIPE SKINNY JEAN is one of these jeans which is of new look with black and white stripes which is new style for girls. Other category is of destroy jeans. Destroy jeans is very much popular these days. Girls prefer these jeans because it gives very casual look to them. They look so smart in these jeans. When destroy jean concept combine with skinny concept then it gives wonderful look. Anyone who looks these jeans can never stop itself to buy these one.

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