Now Any Object can be Invisible Object with Michigan Engineers Spray

Michigan Engineers Developed A Formula Through Which Any Object Can Be Invisible Object. They Called It Cloaking Paint. Engineer Sprays This Paint On Any Object And When The Object Becomes Dry Than It Looks Invisible Because The Spray Guides Light Around The Object. The Technology Is Mindblowing And Amazing.

All this Due to Nanotechnology. The Developer of this Spray is Christoph Ellison who is an Assistant Professor in University of Michigan College of Engineering and researching on Nano-Optics. But The Cloaking Paint is still in Development Stage. The Developer Mr. Christoph Ellison Develop this Formula with His Assistant. This Formula is Widely Tested on Spherical, Rectangular or Cubic Objects. Also Tested on Human Hands. The Hands Looks Invisible. The Developer Wants to use this Paint to Create Invisible Objects, Invisible Buildings and Invisible Cars and in Right and Creative Direction.

This Nanotechnology Will Help Us In Many Fields Of Life. Like War, Terrorism and Any Emergency Condition. This New Technology Of Invisible Objects Is Best For Military. Also in Others Fields Like Police And Intelligence. I Think This Technology Is Not For The Common Man Because Anyone Can Use This Technology In Wrong Way. This Thing is Used on Just Security Level.

The video is published on Michigan College Site at April 1, 2014.