Rolex Baselworld 2013 Luxury Gold Watches for Mens

Rolex Introduce Its New Collection of White Gold, Everose and Yellow Gold Luxury Watches for Mens to Look Professional, Smart and Handsome. All The Watches is Made with Gold and Designed with Unique Color Combination and Having the Facility Waterproofing for 100 Meters and Almost 330 Feet in Water. Some are Having Facility of Date to Remember your Date 😉

The Watch Series is Day Date which is One of The Best in the Category of Luxury Wrist Watch. Rolex is a Big Name in Luxury Wrist Watches and The Major Focus of Rolex is to Make a Man Professional. The First Two Wrist Watches are Made with Everose Gold (Everose Gold is an alloy of Gold, Platinum and Copper for Beautiful Pink Color). The Next Two Watches is Made with White Gold and Having Pure Lather Strip which is Enough Flexible. The Last Two Watches of This Category is Make With 18 Carat Yellow Gold for Those who Loves It. All the Watches are Waterproof . The Diameter of these Watches is 36 mm which Looks Perfect in any Hand

Now The Bellow Series of Luxury Wrest Watches by Roles is DAY-DATE “SERTIE”. People Remember this Watch as a “MOTHER-OF-PEARL, GOLD AND DIAMONDS“, Because in is Designed With Diamonds and White and Everose Gold for Landlords, Owner of Companies to Look Smart and for Grate Confidence in Meeting and Going with the Company of People. It is Also Have the Facility of Date to Remember… 🙂

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