Simple And Easy Smoky Eye Makeup For Beginners 2019

If you don’t know how to do smoky makeup for eyes then this article is for you. in this article we are discussing smoky eyes makeup for beginner 2019. Smoky eyes host turn into an exemplary get-together eye makeup look. Because the mystery of these smoky eyes pattern is so good it change the face significantly.

Smokey eyes are a standout amongst the most well known and in vogue current makeup looks. When we talk about what are smoky eyes then we can say it consists of three different shades like a dark, medium and a light shade. These three shades mixed together and give an ideal and sensational look to eyes. This choice is best when you’re going to a party or date.

Easy Smoky Eye Makeup

If you want to get easy smoky eyes makeup then the first thing  you have to know about how to select the texture of your eyes makeup, after that, you have knowledge about most flattering shades and last thing you have in your mind what are the easy and mess-free application technique that will help us to make smoky eyes.we have discussed that we should have  knowledge about different color if you don’t know then see the followings color that will help you.

Different shades which you can select:

The following image represents a combination of color for making smoky eyes. you can start if you have one black pencil, minimum three colors of powder eyeshadow and at a 3rd number, you will need dark mascara to get fabulous smoky eyes.

The base shading ought to be a rich shimmery powder surface. Pick a shade somewhat darker than your skin tone. The shape shading must be a dull, matte, or shimmery shading. Pick between dim dark colored, blue, green, or purple, contingent upon the shade of your clothing. Utilize dark with any outfit for a shocking impact.

You may add a third shade to your smoky eyes somewhat shimmery feature shading connected simply under the eyebrows. This will amplify the eye territory and furthermore relax any division lines that stay in the wake of mixing.

Smoky Eye Makeup Step By Step For the beginner:



Color your eye shape with a bruised eye pencil, the distance around. Make the line thicker along the upper lashes with a brush or a wipe utensil, apply your base shading eyeshadow on the portable eyelid or more the wrinkle, about most of the way to the eyebrows, mixing marginally. With a pointy wipe implement, apply form shading eyeshadow the distance around your eyes, mixing it well with the pencil line. after this, you need to close your eyes half and place contour color as shown in the above image.


This is another example of smoky makeup eyes as you have to follow these steps as shown in the above image you will get the fantastic smoky look for eyes.



This is another example of smoky eyes makeup for a novice. This gives your eyes a fantastic look and increases your beauty at midnight when you’re a party or date. This seems difficult to do but when you start and follow the steps as shown in the image then within no time you’ll find smoky eyes for you that looks very pretty.

Smokey Makeup for Hazel eyes for Beginners:

if you have hazel eyes and looking for a smoky eye makeup for hazel eyes then you can get smoky makeup for her eyes by the following steps as shown in the image given below:

If you want to learn how we can do smoky eyes within 5 steps then see the smoky eyes for a beginners video tutorial that will lead you in depth and you can learn easily. as you know sometimes smoky eyes can be tricky but following this article and video you will be good in no time.