CrossRoads Summer Eid Collection for Men

Cross roads, crossroad, cross road these may refers to an intersection  road where four roads meet .It is well known name chosen all over the world in music industry for the albums and song names, As tv shows and films in many countries. The place are named as the crossroad it is used for the many of the shopping malls, in literature  and in some countries nonprofit political organization is named as cross roads. But in Pakistan it is a clothing brand .Crossroad was the first established in 2002.They introduced mainly the knit wear. As the company mainly was known for its sweaters manufactures .Firstly they launched their two outlets in major commercial cities Lahore and Faisalabad. In these cities they got marvelous appreciation and they planned to open new branches in the other cities of Pakistan .The also expanded their product line from sweaters to non sweaters like jeans, trousers, t.shirts ,accessories, kurtes.

Since they launched the brand they are introducing new styles in knits and sweaters. In winters 2003 they expanded then store chain in seven cities Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar. They produce two collections annually one is available in the stores in spring / summer and other collection is available in stores is autumn /winter season .The  new stock of every season is launched in every month of the season .Each season with  news names and new exclusive collection  with the photo shoots  for catalogue and various media.

Summer Eid Collection for Men have unique named with new collection launched as juice, chocolatory, graffiti paparazzi, crush, phunkaville, glams, revolution, Havana, cult, pop, greese. Now thirty four outlets are working in thirteen cities national wide and some are in future plans .The product range is also   stretching from only clothing to accessories like belts ,handbag s,scarves ,,shoes, hats ,costume  jewelry, wallets and eye wear.

Crossroad is a much admired brand of Pakistan. For the men wear crossroad launched a great product range named Summer Eid Collection for Men. It includes simple shirts in bright colors but attractive styles with trousers ,shoes range includes the summer and winter party wear ,casual wear, and daily wear in exclusive design and color range. An accessory includes the caps scarfs, belts, and Bracelets are very much famous among youngsters .They used to wear them in daily routine.

Crossroad aims is to provide high quality and trendy clothing .Crossroad position itself in the market with the unique style and latest trends of the market .Customer perceive the Crossroad as most reliable and updated brand in Pakistan. In this collection along with the bright shade off-white color is added that make a perfect wearing in summer season.

As we know that everyone want to keep update their wardrobe according to the latest fashion trend and it must be change every season .In Pakistan fashion industry is rapidly changing and trend of western and eastern wear   both are very common .Crossroad is the brand in Pakistan that is he helping to keep up to date our casual wear and party wear outfits according to the season in a trendy way.

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