Top best professional man bun styles

It’s a cool or attractive style to the ponytail for pulling up back long hair. It can be high on the head. There is different range of styling bun with different haircut at the top of head back. Different range how to style trendy or fashionable look for this environment. One of them is professional look which include lots of bun styles with neat or healthy hair are loose bun or tight bun. Most important for long hair styles are best products. Frizzy or messy hair covered with best hair products. Man buns are very popular in celebrity or professionals. Lots of styles how to carry Guys long hair with bun top of the head on back side and top knot all are the most popular look in men. You can use different products for formal or semi-formal look like wax, clay, cream.

Top 20 professional man bun styles 2018 – 2019

French or top bun:

Man hairstyles like bun with beard are stunning look in professional celebrities or models as well. Usually, hair can be pulled back in small bun is better than short haircut.

man bun styles

Top knot bun :

You are required eight to nine inches hair for a best neat full bun. Which is around growth time are eight or nine months. At the same time for semi-bun with four to five inches of hair.

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Messy bun :

There are different styles and designs of man bun but 2 basic designs are very popular in fashion industry like a full bun and a semi-bun, which you can further trendy shapes. Basic equipment of trendy professional bun is hair products cream, wax for daily or casual use and elastic band for better texture and shiny look.



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Ponytail style:

If you don’t want to try bun hair style so you can carry ponytail or top knot. The semi-bun is suits for only medium length hair. Man bun mostly used in parties or modeling man models carry this look for ram walk.

Half ponytail:

If you have long hair and getting late for professional meeting so just take the excess piece of hair and wrap it around back of the head and stick the ends with elastic bands and pins. You can also use bobby pins. This is very confident style, Asian man mostly carry bun with longhair of their handsome and fashionable look. The perfect complement of overall appearance is basically a top bun. If you have really long hair, this style is not taken so much time and look the most trendy or iconic top knot.

Man frizzy top knot or bun with beard :

There is the coolest or most stylish professional look and necessary for media industry and modeling. Mostly brand which they work with professionalism and man hairstyles through different media show, articles, magazines and Ram walk. The best and most important part is care of long hair with best shampoo or conditioner. So, make sure about your hair condition length and those products you are already used for your hair growth and shin.


Man bun is not the same as it is female bun. It is masculine twist on female bun. It is created by pulling the hair or just top hair into a pony which is covered with bun. There is lots of name such as the bro bun or hipster bun. If you want to guideline about man bun styles and how to carry long hair with bun so, focus on all new latest styles and hairstylist shows. The most popular hipster hairstyle is man bun style.  This is the modern addition in man hairstyles start from pony tail and covered hair with elastic band or pins. This is the western culture but now famous in eastern tradition