Warda Summer Lawn Collection for Girls and Women

No season is complete without a collection showcase from Warda. The popular Warda designers started their business in 2006. They have been famous for her casual out-fits and seasonal designs. Warda offers brands from wide variety of clothes like Lawn, Silk, Shaffon and Khaddar. Depending upon the weather requirements, the designers market the relevant designs and stuff. It is to be noted that unlike most of the designers, Wardah’s out-fits are affordable for the common people and easily available. Apart from that, Wardah designs for all types of designs, party, formal, casual etc. Warda designs are widespread in all the cities and big markets of Pakistan. The beautiful mess of colors and patches along with the prints are widely liked by the ladies of all ages and statuses. Warda designs are available on the internet too, giving the customers easiness of judging and selecting their designed clothes with full poise, they don’t have to waste time and peace of mind in the crowded markets.

After her amazing winter collection, Warda show-cased the summer lawn collection. Consisting of long shirts with the varying combination of trousers, ‘churidar pajamas’ and ‘shalwar’, Warda collection rocked the market by meeting the every-day dressing demand. The Summer Lawn Collection is appreciated by all the women and girls who like to wear unique, simple and fascinating dresses. beautiful color combinations have been used in the collection to soothe the senses of the on-lookers. The lawn stuff is very reliable and keeps you cool in the hot sweaty season. The Warda out-lets are giving special summer discounts up to 40% to capture more customers. And this is how it becomes more famous in the common people. The Lawn prints have interesting designs containing abstracts, flowers and natural art. Dot prints and lining are also common in this collection. The universality of designs can be seen simply making it an amazing collection for everyone.

The collection mostly has the casual wears. The attractive tall and sleek model wearing cheetah printed lawn shirt and netted- ‘dupata’ is worth-looking. These prints impart charming impressions on the person wearing them. The plain trousers work well with them. Dark colors mostly suit on the good-complexion girls, Warda knows it, so they designed a lush black shirt with white embroideries and designed it in checks and circles, which give a refreshing look to the sweet super model. The wide Shalwar looks awesome with this dressing. The leaves and dot designs are worth-seeing. They symbolize the casualness of the dressing, does well for the housewives and middle aged women. They love to look beautiful with simple clothing like this. These leaf-prints suit for teenage girls.

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