Wet Seal Black Dress Collection Specially for Teenage Girls

Wet Seal is a clothing retailer for young women. It is a brand for teenage girls who seek trend-focused clothing. They are targeting the girls with the age of 15 to 23 years old. It’s headquarter is in Foothill Ranch, California. This company was established by Lorne Huycke in 1962. Its name was “Lorne’s” when it was first established. That was on its owner name. The name “wet seal” was decided in 1990. This name was come into the mind when Lorne was commenting in a fashion show that a model wearing a bathing suit looked like a “wet seal.” They have acquired 237 stores of Contempo Casuals in 1995. In 1998 wet seal has establish new brand named “Arden B”. They have changed all the stores of Contempo Casuals as Arden B. In 2006 wet seal has 428 stores in 48 states. In 2010 wet seal has launched a new concept of “Blink”. The stores of wet seals are providing apparel and accessories for teenage girls.

Wet Seal is well known about their short dresses for girls. One of their innovative and new design categories is black dresses. Black color in short dresses and slip dresses are very popular now a day among women. Black color looks very attractive and decent. Girls now prefer black color slips and short dresses. The other colors are getting old and black is creating very attractive look to girls. In this range CARWASH 2FER DRESS is of very unique design and it is surely an innovative concept of clothing in this range by Wet Seals. Due to its black and white FER girls looks like a center of attraction. Different type of front and back neck designs are very attractive and smart. Girls feel satisfy while wearing Wet Seal Black Dress.

Wet Seal Black Dress Collection Specially for Teenage Girls (4)

Lace Illusion Skater Dress

Wet Seal Black Dress Collection Specially for Teenage Girls (3)

Racerback High-Low Dress











In the range of Wet seal black dresses it is offering the clothes for teenage girls with different designs. Their designs are very unique and eye catching for their customers. They are offering innovative designs for their customers which are creating good positioning in the mind of the customers. They are having short shirts, high low dresses, slip dresses, 2fer dresses and bodycon dresses. STRAPPY SIDE 2FER DRESS which have long Fer which create attractive look, LACE MESH SLIP DRESS is a short dress with buttons at front, RACERBACK HIGH LOW DRESS is a dress which is short from front and long from back side with a beautiful neck design from front and back, STUDDED SHOULDER BODYCON DRESS is dress which is short but has cover over shoulders which creates soft look for girls, CARWASH 2FER DRESS is FER like new innovative design dress, LACE ILLUSION SKATER DRESS is a short skirt type dress, POLKA DOT 2FER DRESS is a dress which have separate top in white and black beautiful tight skirt, LACE TANK BODYCON DRESS and SWEETHEART DOUBLE PEMPLUM DRESS are the different type of varieties that are available as Wet Seal Black Dress category on Wet seal stores.

Wet Seal is well known of its innovative designs which give calm look to the girls due to which they prefer these dresses.

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