What is a Fashion Week? When I was a child, the fashion weeks were the most horrible and tragic TV shows for me. Witches wearing long heels and gruesome black lipstick; obnoxious long folded clothes in which they could grab me in and I would vanish and their long painted nails; all these were enough for my nightmares. And sometimes I involuntarily proclaimed, “Gosh! They are too poor to cover their bodies”.

Then I grew up, the adolescence appeared and flourished into my mind. At that age, fashion week videos were one of the things I would watch in loneliness and enjoy the colorful scenes. The tall petite models spiraled in Smexy Dresses would leave my jaws open.

And now, the fashion weeks seem to be a blend of industrial exhibition and cultural display; but one complain I always have to the designers and producers of fashion industry – Is it always necessary to have a foxy, gorgeous face to walk on the ramp? If it is so, then I can never be a model. And if the facial make-up and all the cosmetics models use to look like they are, then why not all these products offered “Free” with the designer’s clothes! And secondly why do they make dresses only for the rich? For God’s sake designers, lower the collection rates. Make something for the common people too, fashion doesn’t only nourish in the rich homes and modern chicks, let the fashion be global and accessible for everyone.

Fashion weeks are something which have almost made me bankrupt. They new trends of lawns and silk which the house-wives and ladies keep an eye on, become more precious to them than even Oxygen. They don’t care for the salary and the savings, but get attracted to the alluring fashion designs, thus claiming for the orders to be fulfilled. And when I mistakenly tend to refuse to her clothing demands, a sudden shout claims, “I will not be making meal if you don’t bring me that suit”. And then forcefully and sadly, I have to surrender. Starting the car and getting her to the brand’s store is one of the toughest things to do in life.

One very big problem I have is the way the super ladies walk on the ramp. Referring to the medical disorder in which people have lousy sense of direction known as Willam’s syndrome, I accuse all the models to have this rare disease. To my utter intellect, I’m unable to infer why? I repeat, why? do the models practice the catwalk ? I swear, I never saw a cat walking with twisted gait and breath-taking dresses.

The fashion weeks have pushed man into a never ending fantasized maze. My house-maid feels herself like Cindrella wrapped in white princess suit, dancing in rain. But in actual, she looks like a rotten tomato. But we should appreciate fashion weeks for serving the humanity, they give hopes and misconceptions to people that they are beautiful. I Think Its a Best Answer for those who are Searching, What is a Fashion Week ?