Winter Collection for Men by Calvin Klein in Runaway 2014

Calvin Klein which is a Famous Fashion Brand, is said to be the roaring lion flying in the air. It is the most subtle and finest collection of fashion brand ever made on this entire planet. Calvin Klein is the company of fashion dresses that are available in the whole year whether there is a season of fall or spring. There has been the story that C.K strives hard for its success and later it made itself the most popular and fabulous brand in this world. How it strives, survived and how it became popular is something that cannot be expressed but only can be felt.

It is said that in 1968, Mr. Klein founded a simple fashion store in York Hotel in New York City, United States of America. Later, its dresses were valued by the customers and in 1969; Mr. Klein appeared on the cover of the famous magazine named “Vogue”. In the late seventies, Calvin Klein employed itself in the production and supply of its classic sportswear, blazers etc. Through all these struggles, it finally entered into the production of men’s underwear in the late eighties. After in the nineties, it expended its operations further in many other developed countries of the world.

It also busied itself in the production of fragrances such as perfumes, body sprays, colognes etc. Witnessing of tough times in the beginning made Calvin Klein feet and its base stronger and stronger. We have witnessed its various brands advertising somewhere in 90s and 2000s but there was an event that held in the present year 2014 in Which C.K showcased its New Winter Collection for Men. In this event, male models were seen walking on the ramp wearing marvelous military green coats, leather bombers, puffy parkas etc. Some walked with the jean jackets and some other different sportswear collection. The environment was quite lush and the brands were much appreciated by the audience sitting there. Check it out!