World’s Top 10 Female Models of 2013

“Beauty, Style and Glamor” -Three things which everyone wants to see in a fashion model. There are thousands of models walking on the ramps in all the corners of the world. But only some of them make it to the top, they are our TOP models. With their captivating facial expressions, sleek, slender and sexy bodies and eye-catching dressing and make-up, they become the universal media attention and earn a lot of fame and money. Making millions from a single shoot, but the industry also needs such faces which attract the people of all kinds and ages.

The Top 10 Female Models of the World

Joan Smalls:

The 25 years old Puerto Rican model holds the title of best model in the world. The intrinsic beauty and beauty makes her famous in the international audience. She holds a blend for different cultures. She is the most demanded cat to walk on ramp and shoot on the bars. She has worked at the king places of Showbiz industry like  Vogue Paris, i-D and Vogue Italia. She worked for many songs, Bruno Mars and MDX videos are most featured.

Karlie Kloss:

The versatile sexy model Karlie has been astonishing the audience since long. The young hot fashion model from St. Louis has been the golden bird for all the dealers, as she had a successful career than most of the other super models. Her curves and petite body are some of her traits which make her famous.

Arizona Muse:

The Mexican Super model stepped into fashion industry by singing in Next Models, appeared in Allure beauty editorial. Her natural English beauty magic and voice are her power of fame.

Saskia De-Brauw:

Saskia is the emerging star in the fashion industry and she is known for her unique soothing looks. With only 48 kg weight, she is considered to be one of the slimmest models of the world. She makes her way through the Paris, London and New York.

Liu Wen:

The breath-taking Chinese fashion model stepped into the industry making millions. She’s one of the very few chinese models who are recognized world-wide. Most Chinese girls lack feminity and womanliness. But her pure Asian looks, capturing figure and slim body are her weapons.

Kermen Pedaru:

The sensational and magical Kermen comes up in every event with a new style and look. The diversity of designs he shows up with are her tools which give her fame. Her dresses are very famous in the fashion industry.

Daria Strokous:

The very sweet Daria is the fashion center of the west and a teenage ideal model. Her height of 5’9″ and blonde hair are the reasons why she fits for every designs -stunning the audience.

Constance Jablonski:

The short-haired sexy French model has made the American Jaws left open. Her blue eyes and slender body are the tools of mass hysteria.

Suvi Koponen:

The simpler, the better. Suvi, as she walked over the Vogue Paris, the gentle aroma spread everywhere. Her silky dresses and short blond hair are famous.

Kati Nescher:

Last but not the least, Kati is a slim fashion model, exhibiting the floating sleeves, buzzing the on-lookers by her cat-like facial expressions and hyper-weird designs.

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