Zori Couture Collection in Dubai Fashion Week

Fashion and fashion trends mainly refers to anything which is popular in a culture at any given time. It is inclusive of areas such as; style of dress, cuisine, literature, art, architecture, fashion trends and many other popular factors. Fashion trends often change rapidly, and “fashion” is often used to describe the latest version of these trends. The terms “fashionable” and “unfashionable” are used to illustrate whether or not someone or something fits in with the current fashion trend or even a certain type of popular mode of expression. The term “fashion” is often used in a positively as a synonym for style, glamor and beauty.

Considering the importance of the fashion in our daily lives one of the region’s hottest designers “Kalid Swaid” shook the things up at Dubai Fashion Week. He is also the winner of last year’s “Emerging Talent’ award at the Dubai Fashion Week.  Saudi-born and bred Kalid comes with impeccable fashion pedigree, he holds degrees from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and from Polimoda in Florence, Italy. Khalid’s and S.T Fashion House’s new fashion line is called ‘Zori Couture’. This Zori couture was released in Dubai Fashion Week. The whole collection was well accepted by the audience and was appreciated very much throughout the show. The complete collection was an elegant, playful and youthful couture line and was a showcase of the value of cooling colors and innovative combination of bead work, and fabric of the highest quality.

Elegance and decency was the main display piece of the show. All the dresses were of the high quality and the color combination was extremely beautiful with the matching colors mostly of the scheme of white, blue, purple, black and their combination. The collection displayed consisted of splashed shirts to beads-embedded shoes, from Cinderella-white suite mixed with short frocks with frills to rocking mufflers, from formal, from furry black long shirts mixed with casual skirts to classy & sexy mini-skirts, with sexy white, black and beautiful colored mostly shades of purple maxis, all you see is the beauty of diversity of art which Kalid has styled in this fashion week which occurred in Dubai under the name of Zori Couture. The show clearly represented every age, standard, type, and choices of people thought it was mostly for the youth who appreciated the designs very much. Khalid who depicted the designs in this very show not only designed the dresses but designed hairstyles and the facial looks. These looks make them unique and worth-watching.

The designs designed by the Khalid in the Zori couture in this show fulfilled all of modern requirements as the collection depicted the modern western culture with the touch of Eastern design, the color requirement was well met, the combination of various cuts and styles turned out to be a new design to which youth is quite a fond. The new color scheme which Kalid depicted in this show was a display of pure talent and beauty and was according to the new trend to which people appreciated much.

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